Keeping Them Talking

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When I meet women online, how can I keep them talking to me?

Keeping Them Talking

A video chat room is a great place to meet women. Once you have met someone, you need to know how to keep their interest. That is the only way to find romance online. There are five ways that men can let girls know that they find them attractive. They are:
* Say nice things - a sincere compliment goes a long way. This can be about her appearance or something she has told you.
* Listen to what she says - this is not the time to be self-absorbed. Being a good listener will win any man brownie points in an online romance.
* Use body language - mirroring, pointing and raised eyebrows will be subtle signals that you like her.
* Make eye contact - a direct look at the eyes and face is a sure sign of your interest. If the video chat is going well, try looking at her mouth. It will leave her wondering whether you're thinking about a kiss.
* Smile - this is the clearest signal of your enjoyment. The girl you're chatting with is more likely to smile if you do too.
Follow these tips and there's a good chance of finding romance online.



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