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What are evangelists and how can they use video chat?

Spreading The Word With Video Chat

Evangelists preach the Christian gospel with the aim of converting others to the Christian religion. This is sometimes done by holding prayer meetings and religious meetings. Some evangelists even go door to door. In 1995, Adam Woeger started to use the Internet to distribute Christian programs and files. Many evangelists are now using Internet technology to spread their net wider. This is done through web sites, Internet chats and video chats. Video chats allow evangelists to have two way chats with individuals or groups seeking to learn more about the Christian gospel.

How can video chat help me learn about Buddhism?

Seeking Enlightenment

The Buddhist religion was founded over 2,500 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama. The religion is based on the Hindu belief that people should rise above their desires to become enlightened. The term 'Buddha' is Sanskrit for 'enlightened one'. The Buddhist religion has millions of followers around the world.
There is a wealth of additional information about the Buddhist religion on the Internet. Web users can also try discussion forums and chat rooms to find out more about Buddhism. Some video chat rooms offer hosted chats with practicing Buddhists who can answer questions about the religion. There is also a site called the Buddhist Palace which offers an exploration of Buddhism using video chat and interactive software.

Can I use video chat to make my confession?

Interactive Confession

Confession is a key aspect of the Catholic religion. Although Internet users can talk to other Catholics and Catholic priests using video chat, a confession made over the Internet is not seen as valid by the Holy See. The Catholic church is happy to use modern Internet and communication technology for administration of the religion. However, in January 2003, the Holy See ruled that using email, faxes, interactive chat and video chat for confession violated the secrecy of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Can I get online advice on religion?

Online And Divine

There are many web sites that offer advice on various religious beliefs. Whether you follow the Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist or other religion, there are web sites that contain information and advice about religion. A good place to start is with a web search for the name of the particular religion. That will bring up links to information web sites as well as sites where web users can get in touch with people who can answer their questions. Many web sites now offer web users the opportunity to chat live with people who can provide information about religious beliefs and practices. This can be done through instant messaging or video chat. Some sites also permit two way video chat so that web users can see the person they are talking to. Video chat can be useful when talking about sensitive personal issues such as religion, faith and belief.

How can video chat help learn about the world's major religions?

Religious Learning

A 2005 survey by showed that the world's major religious beliefs were:
1. Christianity (2.1 billion believers)
2. Islam (1.9 million believers)
3. Hinduism (900 million believers)
There are also more than 1.1 billion people who do not believe in any one particular religion.
Most video chat sites let Internet users chat live with people who adhere to these beliefs and others. Video chat rooms are a good place to find out more about the various religious beliefs. With hosted video chat rooms, hosts are available to answer questions about religion and spirituality. Seeing the person you are chatting to can bring peace of mind when talking about the sensitive issues of religion and beliefs.

How can I meet other Christians online?

Christian Dating

The best places to meet other Christians online are in discussion forums or chat rooms. Many sites have hosted chat rooms for Christian chat or for particular religions. Video chat sites take chat one step further by allowing Internet users to see and hear each other while chatting. Video chat rooms can be useful for Christians wishing to discuss religious or spiritual matters. Video chat rooms are also good places to meet other Christians to form relationships and find romance.

How can I find out more about New Agers?

The New Age Alternative

New Age is a term that describes a late 20th century and early 21st century subculture. The term was coined in the 1980s. The New Age subculture focuses on alternative approaches to religion and spirituality. The term is very broad and includes people with an interest in spiritualism, holistic health, protecting the environment, alternative medicine and mystical religions. There are several chat rooms offering New Age chat and video chat about New Age issues. There are hosted chat rooms offering live video chat about issues such as intuition, interconnectedness and coincidence, which are key issues in the New Age subculture.

Where can I find an online prayer meeting to attend?

Prayer Goes Online

Many religious and spiritual organizations have an Internet presence. Services that are available on the Internet include prayer requests (by email), daily devotions and broadcast prayer events. Web users can also chat to ministers and followers of the same religion through online chat. This kind of service uses instant messaging to connect those who want to pray together. There are also some web sites where web users can have an even more interactive prayer experience. Some web sites offer live video chat where web users can talk to ministers and others to get spiritual guidance and answers to questions about religion. Video chat prayer rooms can be found easily by doing an Internet search.

How can I find a place of worship on the Internet?

Interactive Religion

Finding a place of worship on the Internet is as easy as doing an Internet search for the religion or faith you are interested in. Christian churches of most denominations now have an Internet presence. Most Protestant religions are represented. There are also websites dedicated to other faiths and religions such as Judaism and Islam. Many web sites offer streaming audio and video, Christian chat, video chat and other interactive services.
Video chat and other interactive services mean that religion and worship are no longer confined to certain days of the week. Instead, Internet users can chat about issues of faith and religion 24 hours a day. Video chat also means that Internet users can interact live with other people looking to discuss religion.

Is there a link between religion and healing?

Faith Healing?

While it is difficult to know for sure, many religions have made the link between religion and healing. This is often linked to faith, as in the Bible where an ill person was urged to get up and walk. Healing is also an important part of the revelations received by the Islamic prophet Mohammad.
Healing is also a key part of many other systems of belief. In China, Japan, India and other locations, there is a belief in a healing energy which can be transmitted through the laying on of hands. Although healing energy has different names in different places, a belief in it seems to be almost universal.
Reiki is one form of healing energy which can be done at a distance. Some reiki masters now offer distance healing after a consultation by video chat. There are also many video chat rooms where you can get more information on religion and healing.

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