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How can I make my videochat relationship a success?

Successful Relationships With Video Chat

Video chat is a good way to start a new relationship, but you won't want to video chat live for ever. To give your video chat relationship the best chance of succeeding outside the video chat room, there are three things you can do:
* Chat regularly so you get to know each other. Live cam chat on a regular basis will help couples become more intimate.
* Speak on the telephone. This is another way of deepening communication.
These three tips will help move your relationship out of the live cam chat room.

How can I video chat live?

Live Chat

If you have a computer, you can video chat live by registering with a video chat site. Most sites allow Internet users to video chat live without a web cam. This type of video chat is one way only. In other words, Internet users can see and hear the people they are talking to. However, they will need to type their response, just as if they were using instant messaging. Internet users who want to video chat live without having to type need a web cam and microphone. They will then be able to have two way video chat conversations and enter group chat rooms where they can video chat live. Internet users can also use the video chat features in popular instant messaging programs to video chat live.

Will my web cam dating relationship last?

A Date With Your Web Cam

If web cam dating has helped you start a new relationship, there's good news. A recent study of online dating showed that online dating is very successful. The research found that 94 percent of the people surveyed had a lasting relationship after meeting online. Of these, 24 percent had lasted over one year and 8 percent over two years. The people surveyed communicated by email, instant messaging and web cam. The study suggests that online dating is on the rise. So fire up that web cam - it might be time to make a date.

Are there adult web cam chat sites for girls?

Just For Girls

Most adult web cam chat sites cater for both guys and girls, with live cam pictures of both. Web cam chat sites are usually divided into sections by gender, sexual preference and sometimes location. This allows Internet users to narrow their search for live cam pictures. Once Internet users have found someone they like, it is simple to enter a video chat room and have live cam chat with the person that has been chosen. There are also adult web cam chat sites that cater for gays and lesbians. These site offer live cam chat with guys and girls respectively.

How can live video chat help me make friends?

Making Friends With Video Chat

People have been making friends on discussion forums and groups since the start of the Internet. The trouble is, no-one could see anyone else. Live video chat makes this issue a thing of the past. Not only can Internet users chat, but they can see who they are chatting with. Live video chat lets people see and react to other people's facial expressions and gestures in a more natural way. In text-based chat, when users exchange pictures, they can't be sure the picture is actually of the person they are chatting with. Live video chat removes that issue - what you see is what you get. So it's simple. Just sign up for a live video chat site and you can start making friends right away.

How can live videochat help me with business?

Video Chatting About Business

In business, live video chat provides a good alternative to teleconferencing. Instead of using expensive, telephone based teleconferencing equipment and systems, business users can use live video chat to communicate with their colleagues. One option for live video chat in business is to use the live video chat features in one of the free instant messaging programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger. This will work well for one-to-one live video chat meetings. Group live video chat is harder to achieve with these programs. The best programs for group live video chat can be found by doing an Internet search, though you may have to pay for these. You could also consider setting up a private chat room on one of the live video chat sites.

Can I use my web cam for dating?

Web Cam Dating

Web cam dating has become more common. A recent survey found that more than 20 per cent of American Internet users seek romance online. This is done through matchmaking services and dating sites, some of which allow web cam dating. Video chat takes Internet dating one step further. Internet users can video chat live with each other on several websites. To get started with web cam dating:
* get a web cam - these are relatively cheap
* get a high speed Internet connection for best video quality
* sign up with a live video chat site
* visit a video chat room
* start chatting.
It won't be long until you make new friends online.

How can I video chat live on my Mac?

Mac Video Chat

Macintosh users have a range of software programs to choose from if they want to video chat live. Macintosh computers come with a preloaded video chat program called IChat AV. Mac users who have the latest operating system can use IChat AV for one to one or group video chat. Group video chat can take place with up to four people. This is a useful application for Mac users who want to video chat live. There are also some video chat functions built into the Mac versions of popular Windows messaging programs, such as Yahoo Messenger.

Can I have a live cam chat with AIM, Yahoo and MSN?

IM Goes Live

Live cam chat is available in the latest version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). This version is called Triton. Older versions of AIM feature standard text-based instant messaging. The new version allows users to switch from traditional instant messaging to video chat.
Even Internet users without a web cam can see other users' live cam images on Yahoo Messenger. If they do have a web cam, they can enjoy live cam chat with their contacts. DSL and cable Internet connections give best video quality. Windows Live Messenger, the new version of MSN Messenger also allows live cam chat. Live cam chat with instant messaging clients is usually two-way.

What was the first streaming web cam used for?

Coffee on Cam

The first streaming web cam was used to take live cam pictures of a coffee pot. It was created by scientists at Cambridge University, England, in 1991. The streaming web cam was an experiment using a video capture card and requests from an Internet site. This resulted in a frame of video being transmitted every second. This is a very slow rate compared with modern live cams. Modern streaming web cams transmit at 30 frames per second to produce seamless live video. The streaming video of the Trojan Room coffee pot let scientists in the building know when there was fresh coffee available. This streaming web cam continued to operate until 2001, when it was switched off.

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