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When should I use video chat for online tutoring?

Tutoring With Video Chat

Video chat offers new possibilities for enhancing teaching and learning. Video chat is not the ideal method for online education if:
* students need time to respond to an online education session
* students cannot all be available at the same time
* tutors need time to plan their session.

However, there are three reasons why video chat should be used in online education:
* to make sure the message is transmitted immediately
* to get instant responses to online education sessions
* to allow learners to see and hear each other. Video chat allows more personal communication.

How can video chat help with special education?

Exceptional Education

Special education caters for students with mental, physical or emotional disabilities. Video chat can be used to enhance education for these students. Video chat can also be used to support interactive learning environments. Learning technologies used can include live education video, audio and video streaming, captioned video and much more. The Special Need Opportunity Window (SNOW) program run by the University of Toronto explores the benefits of live education video, video chat and other web based technologies for students with special educational needs.

Can I attend high school online?

Let's Go To Online High

There are many high schools that offer online courses. These high schools use modern Internet and communications technologies such as email, instant messaging and video chat to deliver education online. Some high schools offer one to one tutoring using video chat, supported by offline course material. There are also web sites aimed at people who have left school without a high school diploma. These sites offer students a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. A good resource for finding out about online education is WorldWideLearn, which lists online education programs. The directory includes a description of the online education programs and the facilities they use. Many of the online high schools and educational institutions support student learning with video chat.

What do I need to make the most of live education video?

Get Equipped For Video Chat

The hardware and software needed to use live education video will depend on the format used by the online tutor. Some online tutors use RealAudio for live education video streaming. Students will therefore need RealPlayer to play back live video in this format. Another common format for video streaming is Windows Media Video. This can be played with Windows Media Player.

For live education video chats, students will need a web cam and a microphone if they wish to take part in two-way video chat with the tutor. if students wish to type their responses, then they will not need a web cam.

What is Cable in the Classroom?

Cable Country

Cable in the Classroom is the US cable industry's education outreach program. It provides free cable and broadband to schools across the country, allowing them to use video chat and other Internet applications. The program includes a project called Project Cam. Project Cam connects students, teachers and experts through live web cams and high speed Internet connections. Live education video is an integral part of this project. The program is free and allows live audio and video between any two locations. Students and teachers can set up projects in several curriculum areas including Science, English, Language and Math. They can then video chat live to participate in these projects.

How can education video chat help K-12 students?

Live Ed For K-12

Many schools now use live education video conferencing to connect their classes to classes in other schools. Live education video conferencing develops a lot of useful skills in K-12 students. Benefits include:
* Live education video leads to better retention of information gained in the video chat. Most people find it easier to retain things they have seen than things they have read.
* Live education video leads to better motivation, because students who are presenting live to others want to look competent. This also helps with planning.
* Live education video leads to better presentation and communication skills.
* Live education video chat also gives students access to a wide range of sources that might not otherwise be available.

How can video chat help with distance education?

Going The Distance With Education

Video chat can greatly enhance distance education. Distance education is education where students and teachers are not in the same physical space. Distance education is very useful for adult learners and people with family responsibilities. Distance education also allows learners to learn at their own pace.

Live education video chats can be used to connect students and teachers. The potential benefits of using live education video within distance education include:
* making educational programs accessible to those whose location makes it difficult to attend on-site classes
* allowing students to study at a time that suits them. Live education video chats can be recorded and streamed at a later time.
* interaction with other students through group video chat.

In addition to live education video, distance education also includes online discussion through forums and other web based interfaces.

How can I learn without leaving home?

Video Learning

There are many options for people who wish to learn while remaining at home. The Internet has made it easy for colleges and other educational institutions to offer online learning programs. These educational programs allow students to work at their own pace and complete a course of study in whatever subject area they choose. Video chat and live education video can be used to support programs of this type.
Many online courses now feature live education video showing a tutor giving a class. This allows students to have the experience of attending a lecture. Live education video is also supported by discussion forums, chats or video chat and email contact with tutors.

Can live education video help me learn math?

Doing The Math

There are many sites that offer online tutoring in mathematics and other subjects. These sites give several options for enhancing your knowledge of mathematics. These include:
* one to one tutoring with video chat
* use of a whiteboard so teachers and students can work through math problems during a video chat
* recordings of live education video chats that can be downloaded or played
* pre-recorded math lessons

Some online tutoring sites offer free previews of their education video chats. Live education video chats are a good way to enhance students' learning.

How can live education video help my education?

Going Live With Education

Live education video allows you to follow an education program in your spare time. This can be done at a time that suits you and from the comfort of your home. Many sites now offer live education video chat. Live education video chats can cover almost any subject area. For example, there are live education video chats on law, education, health, sex and a variety of other subjects. Live education video chats offer access to teachers and experts. Live education video chats also allow students to get direct feedback from the people whose courses they are following.

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