Enabling Disabled Users With Fitness Video Chat

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How can video chat help people with mobility problems and disabilities?

Enabling Disabled Users With Fitness Video Chat

Video chat offers great benefits to people with mobility problems and disabilities who want to get fit. Video chat allows users to chat with experts and health professionals in several fields about the issues they face. Instead of having to make an appointment and go and see someone, people can use video chat to get access to up to date health information.
Video chat also has benefits for deaf people who sign. Using video chat means that deaf people can use sign language to talk instead of having to type. All that is needed is for each person to have a web cam so that there can be two way communication.
Computer users who suffer from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI) can also benefit from video chat for personal communications. If users have a web cam, a microphone and speakers they can chat to other people without needing to type.



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