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What is video chat?

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Video chat is like instant messaging, but with pictures. As with instant messaging, users can type text messages to communicate with other users. However, web users can also see video (or pictures) of the people they are chatting with. The video footage is taken with a web cam and streamed live onto the Internet, but users do not always need a web cam to see and hear it. This is because the captured video images can usually be accessed from a web page. If users have speakers they will also be able to hear what the other person is saying.
If users want to have a live video chat between two or more people, all the participants must have a web cam. This means that all users will be able to see live images and hear live sound. This will make the chatting experience even more interactive. Using a web cam enhances the possibilities of video chat. This type of technology has been used to good effect in business and education. In business, web cams have been used for video conferencing. In education, web cams have been used for webinars.



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