The Tip Of The ... Triangle?

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What is the flirting triangle?

The Tip Of The ... Triangle?

If you want to find romance online, you need to know how to flirt. You also need to know when someone else is flirting with you during a video chat. The flirting triangle is one way that men and women can assess their level of attraction. The flirting triangle is an imaginary triangle covering three points that people look at when they make eye contact. With strangers, the flirting triangle goes across the eyes and down to the nose. With friends, the flirting triangle also includes the mouth. When people are really attracted to each other, the triangle gets even bigger to include the body. This can be a good way of assessing how people are reacting to you during a video chat. If their eyes remain at the top of your face, then there is little chance of romance online. If, however, eye contact moves lower down the body, you could be on for an online flirtation.



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