Mirror, Mirror

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What does it mean if someone is mirroring me during a video chat?

Mirror, Mirror

Mirroring is a key sign of sexual attraction. Mirroring means that one person mimics the gestures and posture of the other. Sometimes people will have their legs crossed in the same direction or will both reach for a drink within a short space of time. Mirroring is often unconscious and is a sign that people are attracted to each other and are in tune with each other. Although web users may not be able to see someone's whole body during a video chat, it will be obvious if the person they are chatting to is leaning towards them, resting on the same arm or mimicking other gestures. This is a sign that someone is starting to flirt online.
Another key sign of flirting is pointing. This may be more evident during a video chat. Pointing means that people will point their hands or feet at the person they are attracted to. Pointing is another aspect of body language that Web users can use to tell if someone is trying to flirt online.



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