The Eyes Have It

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In a live cam chat, how can I use body language to let someone know I'm interested?

The Eyes Have It

Some of the major body language signals are concentrated on the face and eyes. This can work well on a web cam chat site, as users can see each others' faces. In a video chat room, there are three things that people can do to signal their interest.
First, they can use an eyebrow flash. This is a quick raise of the eyebrows. Most people do this automatically when they are attracted to someone else. Second, there is rapid blinking. This is an involuntary sign that someone finds another person attractive. It is accompanied by an increase in the size of their pupils. To show people that you find them attractive, you can blink more rapidly or blink at the same rate as they do. Finally, and most importantly, make eye contact. This is easy to do during a web cam chat and is the clearest sign of interest.



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