Safe Chat For Kids

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What advice should I give my kids about video chat rooms?

Safe Chat For Kids

With Internet chat, aliases are the order of the day. Web users cannot be sure who they are chatting with and what motives, if any, they have. It is particularly important to advise vulnerable children about ways to avoid chat room danger. Kids should be advised to use an alias and keep their location private. They should also remain in chat rooms that are moderated or monitored. Although the chat room moderator will not know the identities of the video chat participants, the moderator can make sure that everyone adheres to video chat room rules. That should ensure that language is reasonably clean.
Children should be aware that not every invitation to chat privately is on the level. Parents should consider vetting all private chats to make sure there is no danger. Parents should also advise children to avoid giving their email address publicly. This could result in spam or other emails you might not wish them to receive.
One advantage of video chat is that it is impossible for a 45 year old with dubious intentions to pretend he or she is 12. This is one way in which video chat rooms can be safer than text based chat rooms.



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