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Do I need to register to use video chat?

Registration Information

Many video chat sites require registration to use their services. In many cases, this consists of a simple form requiring a username and password. Real identities are not usually needed in cyberspace. Registration allows Web users to start using video chat services almost immediately. There are some video chat sites that allow people to view chats without registration. However, registration is usually required to participate in the chats and participation in adult cam chat almost always requires registration. Video chat sites need to make sure that the people who participate in adult video chat are over 18.



7/1/2011 9:33:44 PM
Shakeel Chauhan said:

Last line, when U can see the person on cam, U can tell if he is 18 plus or not? I don't know about this, but at many sites they need to knnow if one is 18 plus, I'm wondering why the internet technolgy still have not found a way to know it before hand. Like I use Yahoo account since last 11 years & still I need to verify my age. Something better than this should be developed.
The Yahoo people or MSN etc. should have it verified once & for all, & any site be able to get that from Yahoo for instance. That would save a lot of time spent on verifications. Just a suggestion, maybe some one will work on it too. Or maybe the people who dont use free accounts & pay for one, have this prevledge & not the free loaders like me. I hope this is wrong & there are no discriminations on the net, thanks for providing this coment box.


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