Is The Price Right?

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Is video chat free?

Is The Price Right?

With some video chat sites, video chat costs no more than the price of the web cam and microphone. This is provided you already have a computer, sound card and Internet connection. Some sites allow people to create live chat cams and offer video chat free. People can talk to each other in real time. Finding these sites is as simple as doing an Internet search for video chat. Be warned, though, that the search results will include links to adult cam chat and video sex chat.
Other video chat sites have a basic level of membership, which is free. Members then pay for additional services. These services could include better quality video, faster video streaming times, access to tutorials and online demos from experts, adult video chats, private video chat rooms and more. Sites that offer video chat with live experts are likely to charge for access to these video chat hosts, but even those sites allow users free access to some sections.



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