Noisy Ghosts

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What is a poltergeist?

Noisy Ghosts

The term 'poltergeist' comes from two German words. 'Polter' is variously defined as knocking, rumbling, rapping or noisy. 'Geist' means ghost. Poltergeist therefore means 'noisy ghost'. Loud noises and falling objects are common signs of poltergeist activity. Other signs include electrical disturbances and doors that open by themselves.
Poltergeists have been studied for more than 100 years. Some people believe that the knocking sounds and other phenomena are the result of paranormal activity from a person under stress. People who suspect poltergeist activity can seek expert advice from psychics or other people who study paranormal activity. It is also possible to speak to psychics and get expert advice through video chat and other Internet technologies to get advice and personal counseling about how to deal with the phenomenon.



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