With Video Chats, Doctors on Call

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Is medical advice available through video chat?

With Video Chats, Doctors on Call

Many video chat sites offer people the chance to talk to a doctor and get medical advice. Doctors can advise on medication and diseases. The advantage of video chat is that doctors and patients can see each other while they chat. Doctors, dentists, alternative therapists and wellness consultants are all available for video chat online. Some people prefer not to give out too much personal medical information during a video chat. In many cases, doctors and other medical practitioners allow patients to follow up video chat consultations by email. Medical video chat also allows people to talk face to face with others who are dealing with the same medical issues. It can be very helpful to have support from others in a similar situation. The combination of medical advice and online support from people you can actually see makes video chat a good service for this purpose.



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