Staying Safe With Fitness Video Chat

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Is it safe to share personal information during a video chat?

Staying Safe With Fitness Video Chat

If you're undertaking a fitness program, video chat gives you access to experts and other people who are also trying to get fit. Video chat is like instant messaging and any other online chat. Video chat users should therefore observe the same rules to keep their personal information and data safe. Tips for chatting safely include:
* Do not share any information that you do not mind being recorded.
* Do not give your address to someone you are chatting with
* Do not give out your telephone number, car registration or other information that could identify you personally.
* Keep video chats public unless you are sure you can trust the person you are chatting to.
* With private video chats, remember that even if you can see a person, there is no way you can be sure who you are talking to.
* Do not accept file transfers from people you do not know; this could compromise your computer's security.
* Remember to use block or ignore functions to avoid anyone who may be harassing you.



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