The Video Chat Alternative To Therapy

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What alternative therapies can I use with video chat?

The Video Chat Alternative To Therapy

Many people are turning to non-traditional therapies for healing. These include acupuncture, spiritual healing, crystal therapy and much more. These types of therapies offer alternatives to Western medicine and many people have found them to be effective. One alternative therapy which is becoming more popular is reiki.
Reiki is a healing system that originates in Japan. Reiki can be used to treat all kinds of conditions, from simple cuts to more complex illnesses. The energy passes through the hands, though laying on of hands is not required. Since distance healing is an integral part of reiki, this therapy can easily be used with video chat. As with any therapy, it is important to talk to a practitioner before beginning treatment. Video chat offers an advantage as it allows reiki practitioners to see the patients whom they are healing at a distance.



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