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What are web cams used for?

Live And Direct

The use of web cams has progressed beyond the images of a coffee maker taken by the first web cam in 1991. Web cams now have several applications. Hidden web cams are often used by police and security services to monitor streets, town centers, banks and other important buildings. In many cases the feeds from these live web cams are available on web sites, so that people can monitor what is happening in their local area.
Web cams can also be used for live video chat. Some people use personal web cams to communicate with friends and family. This may involve creating a web site and uploading images from the web cam. Some people have used this in the past to put adult material on the Internet.
In business, web cams can be used for video conferencing as well as monitoring office spaces in buildings. Many universities and colleges use web cams to show what is happening inside classrooms and around the campus. There is also the possibility of using web cams for distance education.



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