Getting Interactive With Web Cams

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How can I use my web cam to get interactive?

Getting Interactive With Web Cams

For many years now, companies such as AOL, Yahoo and others have allowed users to talk to each other using a technology called instant messaging (IM). Instant messaging allows people to communicate by typing in what they want to say and sending this across the internet. Users have also been able to go into private chat rooms and conduct a text-based conversation.

Some companies have used this to help their customers by providing live video chat. Live video chat allows web users to use their computers to access help and experts on a range of issues in real time. A web cam allows the users to have two way video communication.
While instant messaging requires only a computer connected to the Internet, live video chat calls for other hardware and software. Users will need to equip their computers with a microphone and video capture card as well as the web cam.



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