Beyond The Basics of Web Cams

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What are some of the advanced features of modern web cams?

Beyond The Basics of Web Cams

Setting up a basic web cam is quite easy but there are many advanced features that will help users to get more from using web cams. These include:
Streaming media - configuring web cams to use the industry standard compression system for computer media players. This means the video taken by the web cam can be played by many more people.
Motion sensing - setting up the web cam so that it takes a new picture whenever something moves within its range. This could be particularly useful for home security applications.
Image archiving - saving the images or video taken by a web cam at predetermined intervals. This could also be useful for security purposes.
Video messaging - this takes instant messaging to a new level by allowing users to see the people they are talking to. Video messaging enhances instant communication.
Remote or robotic control - this allows users on a web page to control the camera so they see what they want to see.



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