Three Steps To Set Up Your Web Cam

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How do I set up a web cam?

Three Steps To Set Up Your Web Cam

Setting up a web cam is very easy, as long as you have a computer. First, buy a web cam from a local computer dealer or an online store.
Next, install the software that comes with the camera and attach the camera to the computer with the attached cable. This will usually be a USB cable. It may be worth considering a wireless connection or an extra long cable to increase the range of your web cam.
Finally, point the camera at something, start up the software on your PC and a picture should appear.
Basic web cam setup is very easy. Some users may want to experiment with image resolution. High resolution images will be of a better quality but will take longer to stream over the Internet. Lower resolution images can be streamed more quickly but will be of poor quality. Streaming speed may be a consideration for those using dial up connections.



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