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How does a web cam work?

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Like a digital camera, a web cam has a lens, an image sensor and a few electronic parts. On some web cams the lenses rotate to allow users to zoom in and out. Most web cams also have a button to allow users to take still pictures. In order to use a web cam, users need the camera itself, a connection to the computer (usually via USB) and some software to make the camera work.
Once the software has been installed, all users have to do is experiment with positioning the camera and rotating the lens to get the best possible picture. In order to get the best from a web cam, users should consider using it with instant messaging for live video chat. This will allow web users to be in touch with other users from around the world.
A web cam is essentially a digital camera connected to the Internet. It is the software that transforms it into a web cam. A web cam takes a picture and sends it across the Internet. Still pictures are usually taken in JPEG or TIFF format; video pictures are usually taken in a streaming format and can be saved as AVI or MOV files.
Image quality and frame rate are two key issues with web cams. Frame rate is the rate at which the image is refreshed. A good frame rate is at least 5 frames per second. This gives the illusion that the picture is constantly moving.



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